Monday, November 3, 2014

Tips Sharing #1


On Friday, I saw my external examiner shared something in FB and I think, it was a good tips for me, and insyaAllah, for all of you. :)

[tip for tesis] 
salam. sharing pengalaman baca/chacking Chapter 2:

i. review benda yg terlalu basic (level undergrad paper 100 @ 200)
ii. review benda yg tidak kena-mengena dgn kerja/project/research.

So simple tip utk Chapter 2:
"apa2 yang ada dlm Chapter 3 (testing/characterisation/methods etc) and Chapter 4 (finding/results/data etc).... mesti kena buat review dlm Chapter 2". 

And, have some more tips when people are asking about Chapter 1


So, remember.
Petua untuk check whether thesis kita adalah bagus atau sebaliknya,
Bukak thesis kita,
Buka the middle pages of the thesis.
Then tengok where it falls.
Is it chapter 2, chapter 3, or chapter 4?
If it falls on chapter 4,
Your thesis is EXCELLENT.


Let's start writing supermoms and postgraduates!


Thanks to my external examiner for sharing this info and tips.

Credit : A.A Mohamad

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