Thursday, May 10, 2012

I am touched, spechless

Let the pictures tell you the story ^_^ 

Love is in the air and I keep on falling in love again for countless time. 

 He is my guardian angel. Nobody can replace him in here (deep inside my heart).

These roses have been delivered straight away from KL, just for my birthday!
Thank you so much Sayang!
You've done this very well.
Miss you as much as the bubbles in the ocean!


Shakina Farhan said... romantic! :)

aTy _faRed~ said...

dah lame tak dapat bunge..mintak pon tak dapat apetah lagi kalau kate nak saje2 kasi..huhu..

~cahaya~ said...

@Shakina Farhan *Blushing*

vv said...

Happy belated birthday aini! Romantik la hubby aini ;)

~cahaya~ said...

@vv TQ Dear. Lepas kawen ni dia terus transform jadi macam tu.Huhu.. Alhamdulillah.

My Love

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