Tuesday, February 11, 2014

They're growing

Alhamdulillah.. Praise be to Allah s.w.t., The creator of the universe..

Our girl, Alya is growing.. Yes, she is.
More independent..
Matured day by day..
Getting cleverer each and every minutes...
Talkative.. Very talkative indeed.. Just like ibu..

Oh my Alya, why are you growing up so fast...?
Do you know how I missed the moment of carrying you inside my womb in past 3 years?
No, you don't know until you understand what is the feeling of being a pregnant mom.
Being pregnant is the greatest feeling that I ever had.
It was even greater than the feeling of being a wife. 
Especially when you're moving actively inside.
Just so you know dear (if you finally found that your mom have a blog..hi hi), you are a very good baby, and I love you so much!

Our second girl, Iman is growing too.. So fast..
More chubby...
Can recognize people around her...
Getting clever just like her sister...
Yes, she's so friendly too.. Just like her sister, very talkative in her own language..

Oh my Iman, 
I really missed the moment of carrying you..
Having GDM for the first time in my life..
Gained almost 10kgs..
Loosing sooooo much blood (hihihihi)..
But I don't mind. Seriously I don't mind at all.
Do you know why?
Because you are my precious..my beloved..

Ibu loves both of you, my princesses..
No words can describe how much I love you.

Sayang, our daughters are growing so fast...
Yes, they are. 
And we are getting older.
If only I could freeze the time....
Being pregnant for how long i wanted it to be...
But, Allah is The Best.
La haula wa la quwwata illa billah..


ctmah said...

touching la aini..sobs sobs sobs
anaklah harta kita yg paling tak ternilaikan (timah tak reti nak reply in english..ahahaa) :p

cik puan aini said...

@ctmah haha..time2 touching tu..touching jgk la timah.. huuuu.. ngengade eh tak reti nk reply in english..puk kang..

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