Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dinner PCM


Last night, I had a dinner with all the staff of PCM. It is annual event which have been had here. Heeeee.. It was not bad. But not as great as having dinner with all my coursemates two years back. Uh. How I missed them so much. Lucky I have Nik with me here. At least, i still got the aura of Materials Students. Huhuhu.

As usual, I choose to be as simple as I can. Bought a one-piece-dress. Emm. Not exactly dress. It's like a dress, one-piece-outfit. 

As to fulfill the theme of the night, I wore a red tudung and black jubah. Huuuu. So gothic. Is it? Hahaha. Macam perasan pulak.

I like those colour combination. :)

And, I am so lucky to win a lucky draw prize. Huhu. Even though it was not the grand prize which everyone's waiting for. At least I got something to be proud of. Eh. No lah. Not to be proud of. But to be used to complete my home sweet home after the wedding which will come 7 days from now. 

So, currently me and Mr.Future Husband already got a rice cooker, a jug kettle, a fan, a TV, an iron, and an iron board. So, for those who wish to give us the wedding present please do not give the same as we already had. Heeee. Heh, I'm not demanding. I'm just helping you to choose the right wedding present for us. :)

And now we need a dinner set for 2 (at least for this coming 1 year. ^__^ I am expecting for a new member of our family next year. Huuu), set of cups and saucers, set of glasses, microwave (huhu), fridge, washing machine (how demanding I am.. Hee. Please bother this one),any other electrical appliances (except things we already had).

OK. Out of topic. Just ignore it. Heeeee.... Another 1 week left and I am not having any abnormal@speedy heartbeats yet. Is it normal??? 

And, I have to off now. Nyte. :)

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cikmune said...

mak aih. yang takdek semua hok mahal2. hahaha... bagi gambo mesin basuh je lah gamaknye. hahaha...

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