Friday, January 6, 2012

Got Pregnant Every Year. Dare to Try?

Absolutely this is not my bump. Mine is not that big yet. 
Maybe soon it will looks like this one. 
But so far, still in tiny miny mode. :)

Last month, when my husband and I noticed that this baby bump starts showing he suddenly said;
"Yang, abang suka la tengok sayang macam ni. Cantik. Tiap-tiap tahun macam ni boleh?"
I replied;
"Huh? Apa? Ermmmmmm... " 
Yes. I am speechless. Don't know what to say anymore. Huhu.
I spoke silently from inside, 
"InsyaALLAH Abang. I am willing to. Tapi tunggu lah yang ini keluar dulu. Tak menyempat-nyempat neh."

Haaaaaa... Just so you know, being pregnant is soooo awesome.
I wish to have many kids. InsyaALLAH.

For my friends who do not have the chance yet, my prayers are always for you dear. Don't be sad. 
You'll get the chance one day and soon. InsyaALLAH. 
May ALLAH brings His Blesses into your family with a bundle of joy called kids soon. Ameen. 
Just keep on praying friends. I will do that for you too. Ameen. 
May He choose all of my friends' prayers. InsyaALLAH.

For Mom-to-Be out there,
Just enjoy your pregnancies. >.<
Enjoy this wonderful and fancy 40 weeks to the fullest.
Semoga urusan kita semua dipermudahkan. Ameen.


vv said...

Every year?? insyaAllah kalau itu rezeki yang ditetapkan.. :)

~cahaya~ said...

betul tu vv..
kalau dah rezeki, sayang tu nak tolak. bukan senang nk jd insan terpilih tiap2 tahun pregnant..

ciksuen said...

every year? amin..rezeki jgn ditolak,musuh jgn dok? hehe :P

~cahaya~ said...

ciksuen ~ betul2.. rezeki jangan ditolak.. :)

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