Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Yesterday, 28.11.11

Alhamdulillah, yesterday was the 5th year of being in love with my lovely darling husband. :)

5 years back, he proposed me to be his lifetime partner (or you can read as "Queen of his heart", HEHE).
I remember, we just met.
Just in 3 months. I didn't expect that he have been so serious in what we have started.

We first time knew each other somewhere in August 2006.
We first time met on 31 August 2006.
He gave me hint here and there about the serious thing that he wanted to bring me in. But I didn't notice at all. Sorry Sayang. ^__^ Yes, I am so slow.

On 28th November 2006, he asked me for the third time.
(Seriously, I didn't notice when the 1st and 2nd time were. It is just like he never asked anything before. Hihi.)
And I took 2 days to think about that.
Finally, I answered. "I DO"

And it's officially begun.

We started to plan everything. Including the wedding.
Alhamdulillah. It was a very good start. Even we have to face a lot of obstacles.
Thank you Allah for giving me him. I feel blessed.

9 August 2007 @ UM
Officially met his parents.

11 March 2008 @ KLSentral

1st May 2008 @ Pahlawan Mall, Melaka

11 August 2009 @ UM
His 2nd convocation

2 October 2010 @ Putrajaya
My 1st Degree convocation

20 February 2011 
Our Solemnization Day

2 April 2011 @ Cameron Highland
Our 1st Pre-Honeymoon
~Happily Married~


vv said...

So sweet~ Semoga bahagia sehingga ke akhir hayat ^^

AiniNoraini said...

Tq dear. Amin. U too. semoga bahagia sampai syurga. Take care of the baby inside. :)

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