Friday, November 25, 2011

Review : Breaking Dawn Part 1

Hai. As promised, here's the review.
It may spoil your eagerness to watch the movie. 
Kalau tak nak spoil. 
Jangan teruskan pembacaan OK. 
Terima Kasih

First of all, for those who have read the book, you may know what will happen next and next.

Just like in the book, they started the story with the wedding matter.
The wedding and honeymoon were so as expected. 
The wedding dress was so adorable. I wish I could have one. =)
The honeymoon was very cute. And was held in Cullen’s Island somewhere in Brazil. As you read in the book. 

The 1st half of the movie do impressed me.
How the wedding went very smoothly, and so do the honeymoon.
However after the wedding and honeymoon episodes end, the movie was like jump to its end.
There’s no more laugh, and even a smile you can see on both Bella and Edward.
The pregnancy changed and ended up the story as a tragic-dull-episode.

Jacob wise, he still be the protector of Bella and always do. He’s so adorable. He’s become more fragile knowing Bella is dying. And guess what. You can see Jacob’s crying. Heee. Sweet.

Some may ask why does vampire Edward acting like that towards Bella. And you will get the answer towards the end of the movie.

Here’s the spoiler: During the pregnancy, Bella was corpse-like being hurt by her own fetus from inside but she doesn’t want Carlise to stop the pregnancy which totally upset Edward. That is the reason why Edward doesn’t enjoy the good news of the pregnancy at all. 

Wars between vampires and werewolves are lesser compared to before. It might be because of the-wedding-of-the-year-episode.

The movie end suddenly when Bella opened back her eyes with vampire-look-iris. And again, for those who have finished the book, you know what will happen after that.

Overall, what I can say is I get and feel more when reading the book. The impact is more. This Breaking Dawn doesn’t give more as what I expected. Not like other 3 Twilight series but yet, it is still in my must-watch-movie list.

Nak link?

Gambar tak terlalu clear. A bit dark. It might be because of the scene of the movie itself. Tapi kira ok lah kan sebab free. :) Sound pon kira ok la. Clear and your ears can catch the words.
Enjoy the movie friends.

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