Thursday, December 17, 2015

Research Proposal Defense


Haaaaaa. Long time no updates, right?
Sorry la. Full of activities, full of works, full of fat (eh..?).. 

So, sementara mood lain tengah ke laut sekarang ni, why don't I spend some time writing something that might help me in the future, or might help some of you.. Kan..?

Al kisahnya, yesterday was my research proposal defense which also known as First Stage Evaluation in UTM.

The written proposal was submitted somewhere in September if I not mistaken. It takes almost 3 months to proceed with the presentation. Which is, very good because I have a lot of time to prepare everything and makes things clearer.

Earlier, they (PIC for PhD candidates) gave me 19 November 2015 to present my proposal.
However, it might be the examiners or the chairman is not available on that date, they postponed it until, yesterday (16 December 2015). Fuhhh.. Finally. Susah hati selagi semua ni tak berakhir. It is better to face it NOW rather than keep waiting and delaying. Kerja lain pun tak jalan nanti.

So, ditakdirkanlah semalam terjadinya proposal defense presentation tu.
I was there 45 minutes earlier.. Saje-saje awalkan diri. Sebab plan nak masuk meeting room tu before the examiners and chairman. Nak ambik mood la kononnya. Hahaha.

Bila examiner dan chairman dah ada.. The presentation started.
I was a bit nervous (Well, that's me. Nervous sokmo. Hahaha).
I was given 20 minutes to do the presentation and I managed to present for 23 minutes (3 minutes extra. Hahaha..)

And finally, I am done!
Fuhhh.. Passed with correction. Alhamdulillah. Walaupun ada kena buat corrections, syukur sangat sebab tak repeat.
And I admit, this is very new for me. New field, new scope, new challenge.. Still got a lot more to dig.
And I am very thankful to the examiners and also the chairman for their great and brilliant comments and ideas. In Shaa Allah, I'll improve it.
Mula-mula, chairman tersasul cakap "The examiners gave you 36%".
It was failed!
And I was like..
"Seriously!!!! Am I that bad??!!"
Rasa nak menangis kat situ jugak.
Luckily the examiner corrected him.
Phewww.. Barulah dapat tarik nafas lega..

The comments were quite motivating actually.
It's just the submitted proposal was not so well-written.
Not as good as what I orally presented to them.

But, never mind.
Rewrite it and make it as the first draft of thesis (as what my partner-in-crime said..haha).

Haishhh.. Long way to go.
I wish everything will be just fine.

I chose to be in this field, so I have to face it, no matter how hard it will be.
In Shaa Allah.
Pray for me peeps!

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