Friday, February 10, 2012

Awesome! Thank You Photobook.

It has been almost 1 year since we're husband and wife. And almost 8 months I owned a voucher from Photobook Malaysia. I bought the voucher on 3rd June 2011.

The voucher will expire on this coming 29th February. I've to rush since everything was not ready yet. 50% done and after that I was very busy with the pregnancy things.

In December, I tried so hard to complete everything. Collecting all the photos, selecting the best one, arranging them into the software downloaded and finally it was DONE in end of January. Phew. Finally.

I sent the order on 31st January.
There are lot of holidays and I just can't wait to see the final product.

And today.... Finally, I received a parcel and I was so excited.
Too much excitement!
Excited to see the real size of my photobook. It was too big. Really. Too big. I didn't expect it will be that big. Hiiiiiii.
Excited to see the photos printed inside the photobook. It was clear. No blur, no greyish or what-so-ever. It was just PERFECT! ^_^

Here some snapshots of the photobook that I received.

Oh. For your info this is 17.5" x 12" X-Large Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover photo book (ImageWrap Matte Lamination) with 190gsm Photo Lustre Paper. It was 80 pages.

How do I get the voucher?
I received an e-mail about the promotion voucher. The voucher only cost RM200. The actual price of the photobook is RM800. It's worth. Really worth. Right? ^_^
Kindly visit Photobook Malaysia for more info about their latest promotion. Grab the opportunity.
To Photobook Malaysia,
Thank you so much for your service. It was great. Too great. And awesome!
I really love the final product.
It was unexpected. It was more than what I expected. Seriously.
Thank you again for the quick and convenience services.
Sure will make another order again next time. 
It might be for my maternity photos soon.
Please, offer another GRRRREAT voucher again. Heee. 
I'll surely like it so much. Hehehe.
Thank you.

Hoh. Dah macam promoter pulak kannnnn?
But seriously I am very satisfied with the final product.
Tak sabar nak balik tunjuk kat husband. Ngehehehe.


izwahasnan said...

jeulasnye tengok album awk... buat sendiri ke?

kite kahwin hari yang sama ngan awk.. tpi album tak buat2 lagi sedih...


~cahaya~ said...

Thank you. A'ah, design n susun2 sendiri je sebab template xde yg berkenan dihati. pastu upload kt photobook. ni pun nasib baik la dpt voucher murah tu izwa. kalau tak, xdenye sy nk korbankn RM800. huhu.

Yang dengan photographer mesti dah ada kan izwa? Ok la tu. ada jgak kan..

time kasih skali lg.. :)

Umi Qi said...

Cantik betul mama aini deco yer....sgt2 cantik.... :)

My Love

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