Friday, April 29, 2011

Protected: Supprisingly 2 Months..

Alhamdulillah, 20 April lepas genap 2 bulan kami melayari hidup sebagai suami isteri. What I can say is, he completed me well. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for giving me chance to have him in my life.
For 2 months, he has been so nice, so sweet. Just like before.
I am writing this entry not just to mention that we are now 2 months old married. But I just want to share something which is soooooooo meaningful to us.
Let's start.
16th April should be my period due. Lil bit weird sebab this time I can't really feel the symptom of PMS. Tapi saya just ignore benda tu. Sebab I was thinking that mungkin this month PMS tak teruk kot. Then, on the next day still tak ada tanda-tanda lagi. I was like..."Am I pregnant?" Tapi tak mengharap sangat lah sebab last month I was expecting. Tapi at last, frust. So this time, memang saya redha je. InsyaALLAH, ada rezeki Allah nak bagi, lekatlah.
Until 19th April, still tak ada. So, mulalah rasa nak buat UPT test. At the same time, I was so worried since I didn't have any pregnancy symptom. Tapi saya tetap kuatkan semangat. Sebab memang pelik. Period saya tak pernah delayed. It always comes on time. 
On 20th April, I decided to do the UPT. And faham-faham je lah. Bila pagi, mata still mamai. I saw there is on a single line appear on the stick. So, dalam hati memang dah redha. Ada hikmah semua tu.
After taking shower, I just through out the stick inside the dustbin. Don't want to bother it anymore. And I just keep it with myself. Tak cerita kat Darling Husband. Sebab takot dia pun frust. Saya still berlagak macam biasa. Like I never did the test before. Buat macam biasa. Normal. 
Petang tu, Darling Husband balik awal since he had induction course. So, I was doing my normal routine. Cooked for dinner. 
All of sudden, I don't know why I feel like nak bukak tengok balik stick yang saya dah buang pagi tu.
I took the stick and I saw there was 1 new blur line appear instead of 1 clear line that I saw before. And it now became 2 line, 1 blur and 1 clear. Masa tu, rasa macam tak percaya. Saya fikir itu cuma mata saya je. But then, I decided untuk tanya my husband. I showed the stick to my husband and ask him how many lines did he see. 
"It's 2 lines. Why?" He gave the very short answer but really made me feel so good.
Then I explained to him that 2 lines means you're going to become a father dear. :) But I asked him not to really put a hope on that since kitorang tak ada-ada confirmation from doctor kan. Malam tu jugak, after dinner he brought me to see the doctor.
Doctor said it's only at the very early pregnancy. Since the 2nd line appear so blur. So, the doctor pesan dekat saya jangan terlalu mengharap because banyak possiblity boleh berlaku. Sebab I delayed my period baru beberapa hari. So, saya memang redha la. If ada rezeki, Allah lekatkanlah benih tu. Kalau tak, it will become like period. Saya memang tak cerita dekat sesiapa pun. Me and Darling Husband je yang tau.
At the same time, kami berdoa agar ada la rezeki zuriat buat kami berdua. Dalam hati memang dah ada taman OK. Saya dah perasan sebagai seorang wanita mengandung. Hahaha.
As a conclusion, Alhamdulillah. I am pregnant. Thank you Allah for giving us this gift. Hopefully our little khalifah will grow well in my womb.
More stories about my pregnancy will be updated soon. Macamana doctor sahkan saya dah pregnant?
Nanti saya cerita.. Hehehe.. :) 

20th April 2011.
It's been 2 months since we've been together. :)
And Alhamdulillah, I am very happy with my new phase of life.

Darling Husband, I love U.
You are great dear.


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