Monday, April 18, 2011

Convocation : My Brother

On 27th March 2011, he had his first convocation. Sorry, saya tak larat nak explain more. Let the pictures tell u the story. OK? Sorry jugak sebab lama sangat tak update. Kesihatan tak berapa nak mengizinkan saya mengadap blog. Hari-hari dah malam baru sampai rumah. Nasib baik ada husband. Hilang penat seharian mencari rezeki. Hiks. (>.<)

He was very excited when he saw me and his bro-in-law were there. And I was shocked when both of my heroes willing to capture a sweet moment just like this. Susah ok nak tengok dorang amek gambar sesame. Hihihi.

He loves his sisters so much and the sisters love him more than he knew. :)

More pictures coming up next...

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