Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Monday AGAIN

:) Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me the chance to stay alive until now. Hmm. This morning was quite gloomy. I never experienced that before since 1 was here for almost 2 months. OMG. 2 months already?? Cepatnya. When I entered the office, everyone was like ada problem besar. Maybe they have. And maybe they dont. I do not know what they're thinking.

My colleagues pon sama. Did anything happen and I know nothing? My colleague yang in-charge customer complaint nampak macam badmood. Saya sendiri rasa takot nak tegur. All the gloomy things affect my mood. Plus I got infected by flu. Running nose sampai tak larat dah nak kejar. Haiyaaa. Dah la hari ni ada visit and audit from Nissan. I was like .... blur. Tomorrow ada audit from Toyota. I have to prepare untuk tu jugak. For Nissan tadi, I did prepare all the things. Tapi at the same time masa the representative datang, I have to visit the shop floor untuk settle hal audit Toyota esok.

Lucky I am. Toyota-things settled tak lama lepas tu and I managed to attend the Nissan audit. Bos dah melilau cari. Nasib baik handphone tinggal dalam drawer. He did text me. Huhuhu. Tapi, sorry la. I didn't bring my handphone at shop floor. Kikikiki.

Ding dong ding dong dengan Nissan's representative sambil saya ulang-alik from training room to my office (because of asyik sneezing je all the time), finally tiba jugak lunch hour. Huh. Ni time paling best walaupun dah lama berniat nak diet. Hari ni bos belanja. So, tak bleh diet. Hehehe. After lunch, continue balik.

And Alhamdulillah, da upgrade sikit. From 22% to 50%. Ok what? Huhuhu. We aimed for at least B untuk next ASES. Malu ok before ni dapat D. Kalau dalam transcript, kena repeat dah tu. Got some correction and additional things to be added here and there. Tapi, ok la kan. Nampak jugak sikit hasil. :) Next 15th December will be their last visit before the real auditor from Thailand came. Hopefully, everything will be fine and we will get at least B. Amin. :)

Another thing is.... Today is my BFF masa dekat MRSM KOPU diijabqabulkan dengan suami terchinta. Norfarehan and her husband.

Dear e, I am sorry I couldn't be there during your big day. It's not you're not important to me. It's just I couldn't be irresponsible to my job, what I am doing now. Got lots of things to be done. Many pending issues to be settled down. Hope you understand. I'm so sorry dear. Have a great day and happy family ever after. Barakallahulakuma Wabarak Alaik. May Allah bless both of u. :)

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