Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Bila anak tak sihat, rasa macam 1 dunia gelap.
Current feeling, bercampur gaul. All in one.
She's having a bad cough.. Yes, very bad. This time, paling worst kot.
Detected on last Thursday.
Continued on Friday. Getting worst ,indeed.
Took her first nebulizer in life on Saturday. Poor my lil girl.
Nebulizer helped a lot.
Took second nebulizer on Sunday.
Went home and her night was terrible. She couldn't sleep well.
Ya Allah,poor my lil girl.
Monday morning,ibu decided not to go to campus. Taking care of her for the whole day.
Had a nebulizer again on that morning and doc said she needs nebulizer 3 times a day.
Morning, afternoon/evening, and night.
Challenging. Seriously very challenging.
This is the risk parent should face when decided to send their child to nursery (the place where viruses spread fast).. My bad. If only ibu can take care of you dear. This thing will not happened. :-(
Husband and i decided to go to HP (homeopathy) after i found out that Dr.Nadir Khan was on leave until January.
**Dr.Nadir is a famous doc (a friend of mine told me plus i did some research on the internet) who can handle infants' problem due to package of bad cough and phlegm.
I called another Doc in Desa Melawati and guess what,she's on leave until January TOO.
Oh. Seriously very challenging.
If only i can exchange the cough, i will do so. I'll do anything. As long as she's fine and smile just like before.
One thing that makes me smile and release is, she's still active. She'll cry and not in a good mood when and after she coughed. I believe that was the power of breastmilk. She refused to eat. But she loves the milk. Frequency of direct feeding masih maintain malah sometimes it increases. Alhamdulillah.
Today, we still continue the nebulizer routine. Hopefully, no more nebulizer for tomorrow or lse she'll be refer to the hospital.
Subhanallah, what a big challenge. Allah knows husband and i can bear this, that is the reason why He gave this test to us. Thank you Allah. You know The Best.
Dear mommies, readers, please pray for my lil girl to get well very soon...
Ibu lost 1kg now.

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♥ ROS ♥ said...

memang kak..anak tak sehat rasa down jer.. gelap satu dunia.. :( moga mereka diberi kesihatan yang baik...

**baru sempat blogwalking... sorry lama xjengukk..huhuhu

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