Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Please, don't do that again honey

Yesterday, this little miracle was very passive.
There's no somersault, no kick boxing, nothing.
Normally early in the morning he was giving me a morning kick (read as 'morning kiss'. Hehehe)
And nearly to lunch hour he will ask for food by kicking hyper-actively from inside.

I was so worried.
After calling and rubbing my belly, he finally answered me with a very mild movement.
It was just like a little 'whoooshh' inside. OK. It really made my day (at least).

And today, Alhamdulillah.
There's somersault, acrobatic and anything you just name it. Early in the morning before azan Subuh.
And until now, I still can see the belly is like popping from inside.
Thank you honey. You made my day.

Keep on playing inside dear. Don't make me feel uneasy thinking of your passiveness.
OK Honey?


ashra said...

sedih baca..
teringat kisah dulu.

mudahan kita selamat bersalin ye...

~cahaya~ said...

Sangat susah hati ash bila dia diam..
Lagi rela dia gerak laju2 sampai senak perut.. Yang penting kita tahu dia ada.. kan?

My Love

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