Friday, March 13, 2015

Kakak is Turning 3 Tomorrow!

My beautiful princess will be turning 3 tomorrow and yet, we dont have any birthday plan for her.
Pity my baby.

Sorry sayang.

This is your third birthday but you dont have any birthday cake, even once.. since you're 1. Kan?

Bukan Ibu Ayah tak nak bagi.
Tapi, we think that you're too young to eat cake when you are 1.

And now, you are turning 3.
I got something to surprise you.
Got cake, got a present, got a small-small party, just between our small family.
Wait and see ya dear.

Just so you know dear.
I love you sooooo much.

Happy 3rd Birthday Kakak in advanced.
May Allah bless you, your life, now and hereafter.
Be a good girl.


Didie Kamila said...

Happy birthday to ur little princess in advance. Semoga jd anak yg solehah..:)

cik puan aini said...

@Didie Kamila - Thank you so much. Aamiin.

My Love

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