Friday, March 6, 2009

Questionaire *wink*

Q:When will I fall in love..for real...
A:I will fall for that person at work who always puts a smile on my face and keep me looking at the positives. They are the reason i love my job. I may not realize that they are the one right away and may have some rocky flings before i finally do, but when i do my relationship will be so magical and i will never believe it is real...huhu..Really??
Q:What twilight couple are u? hmmm...
A:Like Emmet and Rosalie, you are private, and discreat but your relationship is strong.
Q:Which of the "Seven Princesses of Pure Heart" are you?
A:Quick to laugh and fun to be around, you're like Kairi. You're willing to give up everything to save those you love. People love to be around you, and you love people.(sape Kairi???xkenal pon..haha)
Q:How much do you care about him/her??
A:You are such a lovely person that you can't be with someone else without sharing a bit with him/her. You stay awake in nights thinking of thet special and lovely person you're with...( ke...)
Q:Who is your celebrity boyfriend?
A:~Zac Efron~You like the popular, cute guy that you can show off and brag about! He'll take you anywhere in his expensive car, and you'll get the best gifts for Christmas and your anniversaries! He's a little preppy, but still totally hot!...(haha..yes..suke..suke..)
hehehe..that's all...all the questions..taken from facebook..hehe..=[)

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